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Posted on Apr 27, 2020

USPurtek LLC

Remote Industrial Sites present unique challenges to operate efficiently and effectively, for example, construction sites, oil rigs, unmanned industrial stations, industrial farms, and weather monitoring stations. The utility power source is either non-existent or available at a premium, WiFi is not guaranteed for 24x7 Internet connection; and you have to contend with the elements of extreme weather. It can be expensive to permanently station human operators at these sites; physical visits to the site add to the cost of performing industrial operations. It is also expensive to deploy a human operator for remote and continuous video surveillance.

At USPurtek, we have developed the AI Camera System to address these challenges. It relies on solar and battery to eliminate dependence on utility power. For Internet Connection, it uses cellular wireless LTE CAT M1 IoT connection. The publish / subscribe protocol MQTT is used to carry messages back and forth between the system and the GCP Cloud IoT Core backend.

OpenCV is implemented on the device for motion detection. Cloud Functions at the backend perform Image Inference, Object Identification, Device Management, Email Notifications and Remote Control.

The TensorFlow AI model for the use case is trained in the Cloud. The Inference Engine can be hosted either in the Cloud or on the device. The AI Camera System can be further adapted for a continuous AI Operations Service Model.

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